Coating fabrication by sputtering

Professor: Raquel Gonzalez
Coatings possess a wide range of applications which includes their use for protection of materials from corrosion, abrasion, oxidation, a wear, increasing transmission or reflection in a certain wavelength region, and also in filters, separation, fire-resistant coatings, anti-fog, and memory devices.

(6 hours, capacity limited)

Metallurgy of the welding

Professor: Andreina Palomo
This course describes the metallurgical phenomena that occur during a fusion welding process: Chemical reactions, biphasic (liquid-solid) and solid-state transformations, from which the different solidification phases and structures are derived. Likewise, the influence of the welding parameters and the cooling speed on the final mechanical properties and on the occurrence of defects is studied, considering also the cracking mechanisms that may arise due to improper manipulation of the welding variables. Finally, the case studies will be addressed regarding the microstructural variations of joints made of low and high alloy steels using combinations of current intensity, filler metals and joint design.

(6 hours, capacity limited)

Methods for the study of the electric arc of underwater welding

Professor: Andrés Moreno
The technique of underwater welding has been used in this last century as a solution of repair and maintenance of low cost and high practicality; The main industries where it is applied are oil and gas, being the repair of offshore structures and the installation of pipelines, the main projects developed. However, with the growing tendency of exploration of the sea as a policy in search of the preservation of life on earth, this process is projected within the main methods of manufacturing structures.

(6 hours, capacity limited)

5th International Meeting for Researchers in Materials and Plasma Technology
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