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City House Bolivar Hotel is a hotel opens the doors to the modernity and innovation in San José de Cúcuta city, a space in which good taste, elegance and comfort living ensure an unforgettable experience.

City House Bolivar Hotel is a cozy hotel in San José de Cúcuta city, near to the border between Colombia and Venezuela, surrounded by nature and beautiful gardens with swimming pools, where you will enjoy a relaxing vacation with your partner, children or friends. The City House Bolivar Hotel is one of the most representative accommodations in this city with a long gastronomic, financial and cultural tradition.

Enjoy a hotel in Cúcuta with a country, business and vacation style, where you will find restaurants, free Wi-Fi in common areas and rooms, playground, swimming pool for adults and children. Its modern architecture and design invite you to enjoy an exclusive hotel with the best location in town.

City House Bolivar Hotel located is in the San Mateo neighborhood, in Demetrio Mendoza Avenue, situated next to the San Mateo roundabout, surrounded by gardens and 3 hectares of countries. The hotel very close to Camilo Daza International Airport, the transport terminal, Libertadores Avenue, and to the best shopping malls in the city. Moreover, is one step away from the border of Venezuela, (San Antonio or Ureña). Therefore, City House Bolivar Hotel is the perfect place to relax and escape from routine.

City House Bolivar Hotel in San José de Cúcuta city it is equipped as a business hotel can cater for any corporate event, from small presentations or business meetings to large conferences, with a conference room, private room, and room for parties and celebrations. It is hotel first-class and meeting venue perfect, the which is tailored to meet all guest's requirements and functions in an environment that will motivate and inspire delegates. The combination of a tranquil setting coupled with superb facilities ensures a memorable and productive event.

The highly professional conference staff is available to assist guests in any aspect of the organization and of the event planning. They dedicate themselves to providing high standards and invaluable assistance. You can visit the official site of the City House Bolivar Hotel, for more information Here.

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The 5th IMRMPT organizing committee has arranged special prices for the participants. Booking at the conference hotel: The price for the room (for single or double use) is COP 150000 + taxation per night (breakfast is included). For more information, please contact:

Angie Karely Colmenares
Mobile number: +57 312 374 7792:

By airplane: The Camilo Daza International Airport has direct connections with almost all Colombia towns. The airline that frequently has direct flights to San José de Cúcuta city is Avianca.

By bus: The Bus station of San José de Cúcuta city has direct connections with almost all Colombia towns.

It is a City made by the Gods for people, where the rhythm becomes vibrant, fast, full of fantasy and intensity and you can experience everything you want. Everything is nearby, just beside you, you only have to make the decision.

The San José de Cúcuta city, founded in 1733, was the place of some of the most relevant events in Colombian history, like the redaction of the first constitution by the Congress of Cúcuta which led to the foundation of the Republic of Colombia, also known as Gran Colombia. The city is located in the northwest of Colombia, in the Cordillera Oriental, close to the border with Venezuelan, and is the capital of the Norte de Santander department. Have an area of approximately 1176 square kilometers, at an altitude average of 320 meters about sea level, a temperature maximum of 38ºC and a minimum of 25ºC which depends on the month of the year has approximately a population of 750000 inhabitants and is called the Pearl of North.

In the San José de Cúcuta city, the sun sets the changes mood to make this the friendliest of Colombia, where the Malecón is a riverside promenade, the Clock Tower building has art exhibitions, Cristo Rey hill has a statue of Christ and city views, and General Santander’s birthplace museum is in Villa del Rosario, to the south.

Where to go in San José de Cúcuta city?

Walk along the boardwalk to enjoy and refresh themselves with the Pamplonita River breeze, as well as walk through Santander Park and Avenida Cero, an ideal route to visit the cathedral, the museums. In addition to visiting the clock tower, the monuments to Christ the King, the Motilón Indian and the battle of Cúcuta. You can also visit the historic complex of Villa del Rosario, where General Francisco de Paula Santander was born, the hero of Independence and the first president of the Republic of Colombia.

In San José de Cúcuta town, the visitors always find something to do: walk by the city, visit shopping, museums, monuments, and churches.

What to eat?

In San José de Cúcuta city there is a variety of gastronomic food national and international that is very delicious. The food of San José de Cúcuta is a cultural gastronomic legacy. Strongly influenced by Spaniards and Africans, that is the result of an exquisite combination of dishes based on fish and regional ingredients. The typical food is Mute (it is a soup made from various grains and accompanied by several kinds of meat), the hayaca or tamale (it is a mass of corn stuffed with stew of meat, bacon, chickpeas, olives, and capers, among other ingredients. It is wrapped in leaves of banana or bijao plants), the roast and sobrebarriga meat, pea pies and the arepas.

When to visit?

The 365 days of the year are the best time to visit San José de Cúcuta town.

How to travel?

You can get to San José de Cúcuta town by airplane or bus from different towns in Colombia. In the town, it is more comfortable to walk or go by taxi, which is very cheap.

Who hasn’t had something to say or who hasn’t lived unforgettable moments about San José de Cúcuta town? Then, you simply choose to come to Cúcuta.

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Hope to see you in San José de Cúcuta city.

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