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Research Seedbeds


  • Socialize research proposals and research results, obtained from different areas of knowledge, by the Research Seedbeds, in the 8 IWSTI.

  • Make visible the impact generated by the work of the Research seedbeds at the regional and national level through the socialization of knowledge, forging a culture of research and innovation.

  • Select projects with the highest methodological quality and the greatest impact to be presented to the university and general community at the IV Interinstitutional Conference of Research Seedbeds.

Aimed at
Active, Registered and Validated Research Seedbeds to the Research Vice-Rectories or Research Directorates of the participating Institutions.

How to participate?

Research Seedbeds, may participate in the VIII Interinstitutional Conference of Research Seedbeds, part of the VII International Week of Science, Technology and Innovation in oral and poster modality, for which the research summary must be submitted. The results to be socialized in oral and poster modality correspond to completed investigations and research advances. The investigations that can be presented are:

(a) Ongoing projects: Projects that have partially or totally finished data collection and analysis activities. Your presentation must contain: title, introduction, problem statement, justification, objectives, methodology and progress of the project.

(b) Finished projects: It corresponds to the works that have already prepared a final report. Your presentation must contain: title, introduction, problem statement, justification, objectives, methodology, results, conclusions and bibliography.



If you have any questions about the V Interinstitutional Conference of Research Seedbeds, please keep in contact with:

Ing. Andrea Jovanna Cacique Arias.



8th International Week of Science, Technology, and Innovation.

Universidad Francisco de Paula Santander.

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