Conference Venue

The Estelar Santamar Hotel & Convention Center, a hotel of 5 star, opens the doors to the modernity and innovation in Santa Marta, a space in which good taste, elegance and comfort living ensure an unforgettable experience.

Its modern architecture and design invite you to enjoy an exclusive hotel with the best location in town. The Estelar hotel is located in the area of Pozos Colorados, is a beach hotel in Santa Marta. The hotel close to Simon Bolivar Airport, to Rodadero beach, very close to Tayrona Natural Park and surrounded by beautiful beaches and nature: the perfect place to relax and escape from routine.

Estelar Santamar Hotel on Santa Marta can cater for any corporate event, from small presentations or business meetings to large conferences.

The hotel first-class and meeting venue is tailored to meet all guest's requirements and host functions in an environment that will motivate and inspire delegates. The combination of a tranquil setting coupled with superb facilities ensures a memorable and productive event.

The Estelar Santamar Hotel and Convention Center it is recognized as one of the finest locations for conferences, meetings and events. With the latest audio-visual equipment and high-speed internet access, this professional venue can take care of everyone's agenda.

The highly professional conference staff is available to assist guests in any aspect of organization and event planning. They are dedicated to providing high standards and invaluable assistance. You can visit the official site of Estelar Santamartha Hotel, for more information Here.

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Hotel reservation or enquiries

The 4th IMRMPT organising committee has arranged special prices for the participants. Booking at the conference hotel: The price for the room (for single or double usage) is COP 228000 + taxation per night (breakfast is included). For more information, please contact:

Karla Hernandez
Mobile number: +57 318 734 7076.

By airplane: The International Airport of Simón Bolívar has direct connections with almost all Colombia towns. The airline that frequently have direct flights to Santa Marta is Avianca.

By Bus: The Bus station of Santa Marta has direct connections with almost all Colombia towns.

It is a City made by the Gods for people, where the rhythm becomes vibrant, fast, full of fantasy and intensity and you can experience everything you want. Everything is nearby, just beside you, you only have to make the decision...

The city of Santa Marta, founded in 1525, is one of the oldest cities in South America. It is located in the north of Colombia on the Caribbean Sea, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, whose peaks can be seen on clear days from the beach and is the capital of the Magdalena department. Have an area of approximately 2400 kilometres, at an altitude average of 15 meters about sea level, a temperature maximum of 35ºC and a minimum of 25ºC which depends on the month of the year, has approximately a population of 491,000 inhabitants and is called the pearl of the Colombian Caribbean and when the sun sets the mood changes make this the most friendliest of Colombia.

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Where to go in Santa Marta? The tourist can visit the historical legacy of the city, represented by the architecture in the streets of the historic centre, an ideal route to visit the cathedral, the museums and the malecón de Bastidas, in addition to appreciating a fantastic and romantic sunset. You can also visit the beaches, mangroves, coral reefs and make part of the wild landscape that adorns the national park Tayrona natural, one of the most attractive that has Santa Marta.

In Santa Marta the visitors always find something to do: diving, adventure sports and visiting beaches where the rainforest meets the sea; bird watching, a historic city tour and a visit the heart of the Tayrona culture.

What to eat? In Santa Marta there is a variety of gastronomic food national and international that is very delicious. The food of Santa Marta is a cultural gastronomic legacy. Strongly influenced by Spaniards and Africans, that is the result of an exquisite combination of dishes based on fish and regional ingredients. The typical food of Santa Marta is Sancocho (It is a soup made from cassava, potato and banana without ripening, accompanied by several kinds of fish), Fried fish with patacón (banana without ripening), Rice with coconut, that is sometimes accompanied with fish and salad, carimañola (fried dough of cassava filled with cheese or ground beef), arepa with egg (fried dough of corn filled with egg and is accompanied with hot pepper), sea cocktails and all kinds of seafood-based meals.

When to visit? The 365 days of the year are the best time to visit Santa Marta town.

How to travel? You can get to Santa Marta town by airplane or bus from different towns in Colombia. In the town it is more comfortable to walk or go by taxi, which is very cheap.

Who hasn’t had something to say or who hasn’t lived unforgettable moments about Santa Marta…? Then, you simply choose to come to Santa Marta.

Hope to see you in Santa Marta.